ECEBD to launch M&A

Budapest-based ECEBD Hungary Ltd, a leading Central and Eastern European plastics industry consultant and information provider, is launching a new service, providing support to plastics industry merger and acquisition projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

Backed by a diversified global network, ECEBD will provide consulting and information services to help both sellers and investors find the right match. According to an ECEBD survey, it is mainly North American, Chinese and Western European investors that are seeking attractive business opportunities in the CEE region – hoping to link up with recession-hit local firms or up-and-coming players looking to take the next step.

"The plastics industry of the CEE region was severely hit by the global economic downturn. Many companies face financial difficulties, while others seek the secure background and additional client base offered by large international professional investors," said Tamas Kovacs ECEBD Business Development manager. "We expect a concentration of working capital in the CEE plastics converting and compounding industry in the medium term."

More Information: www.ecebd.com, www.plasportal.com