Buss: Smallest "quantec" G3 Kneader for flexibility in PVC compounding

The "quantec" 46 G3 is the latest addition to the Buss quantec G3 family. These high-performance Kneaders are predestined for compounding rigid and soft PVC. With throughputs up to 500 kg/h for compounding filled PVC, this smallest version offers optimal flexibility and supports short change-over times for handling frequent formulation changes. It is furthermore a very cost-effective option for small to medium production runs. Its well-proven scalability of technical parameters also makes the quantec 46 G3 an ideal pilot line both for PVC producers and for prototype model testing in development and research applications, says Buss. The quantec 46 G3 debuts this year at Chinaplas 2014 in Shanghai from April 23 to 26.

The quantec G3 series covers PVC compounding throughputs up to 6000 kg/h with further sizes ranging through 60 up to 110 mm screw diameter. The machine is delivered as a turnkey compounding line, with all components from feed intake to control cabinet and pelletizer mounted directly on the baseframe. This minimizes installation and commissioning time - only the power, water and compressed air supplies have to be connected. Furthermore, the quantec 46 G3 is so compact that its footprint is only about 30 square feet (3 m²). Operating is facilitated by an optimally ergonomic layout of all controls. The built-in screw shaft temperature control significantly reduces energy consumption.

Common to all quantec G3 sizes is the distinguishing combination of four-flight kneading elements on the axially oscillating screw shaft with fixed kneading pins in the Kneader barrel. Together, these two design features intensify mixing while enabling a broad process window and high compounding throughput. PVC pellet quality can be optimized even further by adjusting the number and arrangement of freely configurable conveying, mixing and kneading elements on the screw shaft.

"We developed our new quantec 46 G3 to solve changing tasks fast and flexibly. This is a growing need particularly in the fast growing industries in Asia, where more and more small to medium enterprises are now challenged to combine high quality with an excellent price/performance ratio", says Buss' Wolfgang Walter, Head of Technology.

More Information: www.busscorp.com

Chinaplas 2014, April, 23-26, 2014, Shanghai

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