Analyst talks PVC global demand, discusses packaging sector


Global demand for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has seen a steady increase over the last decade, according to GBI Research, a market research firm.

In 2011, global PVC demand was at 32.3 million tons. The majority of this demand was accounted for by Asia-Pacific, with 61.5%, followed by Europe and North America with 16.7% and 14.2% of demand, respectively. The remaining shares of 5.9% and 1.7% were held by South and Central America and the Middle East and Africa.

The demand for PVC in the Asia-Pacific region was due to the high growth from the construction, packaging, agriculture and electrical end-use sectors, the report stated.

"The trend was not so surprising," GBI Research analyst Brijesh Ramani told PlasticsToday. "Asia-Pacific region, or rather China, has been the global PVC demand and production leader for quite some time. And a similar trend is expected to continue in future."...
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